It’s Monster Jam time!

My kid loves his truck. He bought it off of CraigsList with his own money. He loves his truck so much that Daddy has been busy tricking it out. His projects have included adding a trunk, seat belts, headlights and tail lights, and today he added a stereo. It even has an input for an MP3 player.

Tricked out kid truck

So, how appropriate was it that while Daddy was busy figuring out the wiring situation for the stereo that I grabbed the kid and took him to see the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam? I’ve never been to anything like this in my life, and it was exactly as I expected it to be.

MonsterJam01Right from the get-go, the trucks were getting some insane air. It was jaw-dropping. The Sleep Train Arena isn’t that big a venue, and the trucks really seemed cramped in there. Despite the limitations, they brought it. They would kind of sneak up to the little dirt hill, and then just gun the engine, and whammo – they’d go flying!


My nephew’s favorite, and crowd favorite, was “Gravedigger”.

Apparently, Gravedigger is known for getting a little overzealous with the airtime.


And the crowd went wild when this happened:


Apparently, wiping out warrants the performance a perfect score from the judges, and the driver came in 1st place in that event.


My favorite truck was the zombie, naturally. The best part about the zombie is by the end of the show, various body parts had fallen off of it. I absolutely loved that.


My son loved the greasy pizza and the excitement of it all.



He also liked the little racer car that the kids got to sit in at intermission.


Ear protection is a must at this event. It is really, like, painfully loud. We brought ear muffs that we normally use for construction projects. They were selling these cute monster tire ear muffs, but unfortunately they were way too small and tight for my son.


Even the babies were wearing ear protection (thank goodness. And how adorable!)


Overall, it was a fun afternoon with my son, my nephew and brother-in-law. My six-year-old nephew learned all the trucks names immediately and chattered about his favorite ones on our whole drive home.

I would suggest steering clear of the event if you have any difficulties with noise or struggle with smelling or breathing exhaust fumes; the arena was so very loud and got a little bit stifling when all those engines were roaring with no place for the fumes to go. I think it would be neat to check out a Monster Jam in a larger, perhaps open-air venue. I’ve always imagined the monster trucks driving over and crushing other vehicles, which they didn’t do, perhaps due to space and time limitations.

I was surprisingly into it, though. I couldn’t help but gasp and ooh and ahhh over every huge airtime and dangerous near-collision. I loved it when my two favorite characters trucks, the zombie and the one that reminded us of Darth Vader whose name I can’t recall, went head to head. I so badly wanted the Darth Vader truck to win, so the curiously shadowed and unnamed driver would have to step out to accept the award. In my fantasy win, the driver would step out and remove his helmet only to reveal that he was in fact a badass woman. But anyway. Guess I’ll have to come to another show to find out that secret.


I may have been more into the performance than my son. While we were recapping our day at bedtime, he mentioned that he got bored of watching “the silly trucks” and started thinking about all the things he would rather be doing at home. At the top of his list was fixing up his truck with his daddy. Ah, heart-melt.

 Note: There’s still one show left in Sacramento! If you miss it, visit to find a show coming soon to a city near you. Tickets are on sale now for “Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam”.

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