Getting ready for Monster Jam!

I’m so excited. You know why? I applied to a blogger PR opportunity, my very first one, and my family is now going to the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam on Saturday! We had heard about the show but hadn’t gotten around to picking up tickets. My son is ecstatic. He loves going to performances and this one is going to be like no other!

Photo Credit / Kenny Lau

Photo Credit / Kenny Lau

Growing up, I remember the commercials for monster truck rallies: “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY,” they would scream, in a gravelly, deep voice. Well, we’re actually going to be attending on Saturday, but you can attend Saturday or Sunday in Sacramento or coming soon to a city near you. Check out the performances at Tickets are on sale now for “Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam”.

As a girl who preferred quiet outdoor and indoor play and rarely encroached on my little brother’s trains and car sets, I was always curious about monster trucks but frankly, my parents just weren’t into this sort of thing. My parents were more the sort to take us to the symphony than to NASCAR; and this event is decidedly more towards the NASCAR end of that spectrum. I’m imagining that it’s going to be a rowdy, fun time, and right up my son’s alley. Can’t wait!


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