Lemon-glazed persimmon bars

A number of years ago, my father-in-law’s friend gifted us a huge brown paper bag full of persimmons. I was rather unfamiliar with them at the time, but some research helped me learn about the two basic types and how to use them. You can call me an official persimmon fan now. My 1-year-old daughter absolutely goes nuts for the fuyu variety.

It’s such a lovely fruit. The hachiya persimmon is almost heart-shaped, and hangs on the bare tree like orange ornaments. It’s so pretty, especially at Christmastime.

Every day when I walked by my neighbor’s hachiya tree, its branches heavy with glistening orange fruit, never a picker in sight, I would think lustily about the baked goods I could create with the pulp. One day my neighbor was outside and I asked if I could have some, and he eagerly helped me gather a bunch.

As each one ripened, I’ve pushed the pulp through a fine mesh strainer and into a mason jar I keep in the freezer. Last night the last two were ripe, and I found a recipe on Saveur that I just couldn’t pass up: lemon-glazed persimmon bars.

Between pushing the persimmon pulp through the strainer and laboriously mincing a cup of dates, let’s just say my right wrist wasn’t so happy with me when I tried to do some planking in my gym class today. But wrist-soreness aside, the bars are fantastic and completely disappeared by tonight.

I did bring half the pan to my neighbor. I also made a thank you card for them. It only took about two minutes to throw it together, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope it made them smile.

Lemon glazed persimmon bars


I started fantasizing so much about persimmons, thanks in large part to this post, that I went out and bought a tree. Well, it’s just a stick now, but the nursery tells me it will turn into a tree. I bought a Fuyu variety, which is my favorite. I look forward to sharing some recipes made with my very own persimmons in the future!

Fuyu persimmon tree, planted 1/19/15

Fuyu persimmon tree, planted 1/19/15


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